Empowering birth class

We can now give the most valued prophylactic childbirth class “Föda med trygghet”  tailored and adapted to English – “Empowering birth class”.

Giving birth is a powerful experience, for both the woman giving birth and the birthing partner. Preparing and having tools can be of big importance to get positive childbirth experience.

This is what the empowering birth class is all about. To strengthen the trust in the woman’s body. It is practice in a small team, for the pregnant woman and the birthing partner. You will get knowledge about birth, mental preparedness, practical tips with relaxation and breathing as two big topics. And finally, inspiration!

This class is held in English by midwife Johanna Hedström at Barnmorskemottagningen Hjärtat´ s premises in Uppsala.

When we have a new class you’ll find the date here.