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We are a team of qualified, committed midwives who thrive on developing our practice to satisfy modern parents and their needs.

Being competent and experienced, though desirable, is itself not nearly enough. We can only succeed if we regard our `clientele´ as individuals who feel themselves to be met personally, each with their own particular needs.

Welcome to our midwifery practice Hjärtat (pronounced Yer-tat, The Heart). It´s more than just an antenatal clinic in the heart of Uppsala. We offer a variety of interactive services. Read on!


Expecting a baby is an overwhelming experience – lovely and completely wonderful. Or entirely different; or a bit of both. No pregnancy follows an exact, predetermined pattern. Nor do we at Hjärtat! We do our very best to make you feel special, as an individual with your own special hopes and needs.

If you are pregnant and have booked your first appointment at Hjärtat, please print and fill in this registration form before fou meet your midwife.

Well, who are we actually?

We, the staff at Hjärtat, have all worked as midwives at the University Hospital (Akademiska sjukhuset). Our practice is alive with new growth and is continuously developing. We are a clinic but we also want you to feel Hjärtat to be an exciting and creative place where our expectant parents, other clients and professional colleagues can meet. Thanks to an agreement with the Maternity Unit at Akademiska, we are privileged to work alongside the staff on the Labour Ward, which gives us regular, continuous practice in supporting parents through their labour and helping them to give birth.

What are the fees?

Hjärtat provides antenatal care and contraceptive advice on the same terms as those offered by County Council run clinics. This means they are free of charge.

For other services, such as massage, preparation for childbirth (`Psykoprofylax´) and baby massage, we make a charge – see under separate headings. All our courses are held in collaboration with Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan (Adult Education School).