What to have with you on the Labour Ward

What to have with you on the Labour Ward

To avoid unnecessary worry and stress just when you are preparing to leave for the hospital, it’s good planning to pack a bag/case a couple of weeks before your baby´s expected birthday.

Even if you can’t be sure that he/she will arrive before or after the expected date, it’s better to be prepared!

It is also a good idea to visit the Labour Ward to see what it looks like, therefore we arrange regular visits to the hospital for all our expectant Mothers and their Partners.

If you are unable to be with us for a visit to the Labour Ward – or if you need to know more – you can look at the information that Akademiska Sjukhuset has available for you on-line: ‘Guidad tur på förlossningen’ (Guided tour of the Labour ward) where you can change to the language of your choice for detailed information.

Here´s a list of things that we have found can be good to have with you:

Identity card


Music of your choice (mobile, pad, laptop, etc.)

Cash or bankcard for parking fees

Food and drink:

Favourite drinks that are slightly sweet and/or salty, for nutrition and providing energy for the labouring Mother (e.g. sport drinks, fruit soups, glucose tablets) and ready-made meals for the Father or Partner. (The Mother will be provided with food and drink as appropriate from the Labour Ward. There is also a cafeteria nearby.)

Toiletries and massage oil

Comfortable indoor clothing for both of you, preferably with front openings where the newborn baby can easily snuggle into your body – this is called Skin to Skin Care.

Slippers or indoor shoes

Clothes for the baby

Baby’s car seat